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Steel Rivet Nut

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Product Code Product Name Qty
M4SFHHMC Steel Rivet Nut l: 16mm Body Diameter: 5.9mm Head Diameter: 9mm Head: 1mm Installed: 6mm
M5SFHHMC Steel Rivet Nut l: 20mm Body Diameter: 6.9mm Head Diameter: 10mm Head: 1mm Installed: 7mm
M6SFHHMC Steel Rivet Nut l: 22mm Body Diameter: 8.9mm Head Diameter: 12.7mm Head: 1.5mm Installed: 9mm
M8SFHHMC Steel Rivet Nut l: 26mm Body Diameter: 10.9mm Head Diameter: 16mm Head: 1.5mm Installed: 11mm
M10SFHHMC Steel Rivet Nut l: 33mm Body Diameter: 12.9mm Head Diameter: 19mm Head: 2mm Installed: 13mm